The Future of Learning at Troy City Schools

November 22, 2016

Last spring Troy City Schools contracted with SHP, a design firm out of Cincinnati, to work as a consultant to help gather information and to facilitate a series of discussion about our aging facilities. The plan involves two basic components: Educational Vision Team and Community Advisory Team.  The mission of the groups is help provide community direction to the Troy City School Board about how to handle our aging buildings. We want to explore all possible options. This web site will collect information about our buildings for all to read.

The Educational Advisory Team goal is to identify what teaching and learning should look like to best serve future Troy students.  

The Community Advisory Team goal is to get an accurate sample of the community to inform the process, and to be a mouthpiece into the broader Troy community.

Part of the gathering of information includes asking the Ohio School Facility Commission to do a building evaluation per their standards and to also do a projected student enrollment of Troy City Schools for the next ten years.This evaluation is a comprehensive look at each building including all areas such as electrical, plumbing, and roofing- the entire structure form top to bottom, inside and out. The Ohio Facility Commission function is to help districts with funding building projects based on their current equity rating which is 403, which equates to 67% local funding and 33% state share. Simply stated this means if the final outcome is to build/renovate and we use the guidance they give us, the state will pay 33 cents of every dollar spent on the project. There would ultimately need to be a decision made to use their guidance or not. If the answer is no than Troy would have to pay 100% of any project under taken. Findings of the Ohio facility Commission shoud be available late November. 

Late last February Troy City Schools asked SHP, a design firm out of Cincinnati, to do an study of all our facilities to determine needs and costs in maintaining our buildings. We had our own numbers but wanted numbers form an third party to compare with ours. The results of those studies are posted on this site for examination. This study was part of the motivation in starting a full scale discussion of our buildings.  It is a fact our buildings are old. They are well built and have been well maintained. Each year we spend thousands of dollars repairing our facilities. Our students are receiving a quality education in those buildings. We felt that we owed the residents of Troy to discuss our aging buildings as one day we won't be able to continue to fix and repair. The main goal is to decide what to do.


  • Continue on with present buildings
  • Renovate/update
  • Build new


The comparision of the SHP study and the Ohio Facilities Commission will generate some valuable information for our community to examine and hopefully help the decision process.

Please feel free to review the resources below.   We will also be adding information to the bottom of this page regularly.

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