COVID-19 Positive Test FAQ


What happens if my student tests positive for COVID-19?

If your student tests positive for COVID-19, you will be contacted by Miami County Public Health, who will give you a quarantine end date and let you know when your student may return to school. Those who test positive will be quarantined for 10 days after their symptoms first appeared or, if they have no symptoms, 10 days after the positive test. 


How will my student learn while on quarantine?

Your student will continue to learn online through his or her in-person teachers, using the Canvas learning management system on their school Chromebook. They will not learn from Troy Online Academy teachers. These will remain two separate programs. 


What if my student is in the same school/classroom as a student or staff member who tests positive?

Once we receive notification of a positive test from Miami County Public Health, we will use School Messenger to inform all of the parents whose children attend that school. From there, we will work closely with Miami County Health to do contact tracing and determine if any students or staff members have been in close contact with the student or staff member who has tested positive. 


What is “close contact?”

Close contact is defined by the Centers for Disease Control as being within 6 feet of someone who has tested positive for 15 minutes or more. This is a cumulative total throughout the day. This could come in a classroom, on a bus, during a sport or extracurricular activity or any other place in which multiple students may be together. 


If my student has been in close contact with a student who tests positive, what happens next?

Miami County Public Health will inform the parents of students they determine have been in close contact with students or staff who have tested positive. 


If your student attends school with someone who has tested positive, but you are not contacted by Miami County Public Health, it has been determined your child has not been in close contact, your student will not have to quarantine and your student may continue to attend in-person school.


If you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, you will be quarantined for 14 days.


If my student is quarantined for being in close contact, gets tested and the test comes up negative, can they return to school?

No. They must still fulfill the 14-day quarantine. This is a ruling by health officials, not Troy City Schools. 


So there is a chance my student who was in close contact with a person who has tested positive may end up returning to school later than a student who has actually tested positive?

That is correct. These are the rules set forth by state and local health officials. These are not Troy City Schools policies.


My student has been quarantined due to close contact, but not due to a positive test. Do the rest of our family members need to quarantine?

No. Only someone who has been in direct contact with a person who has tested positive needs to quarantine.


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