Face mask FAQ


Will all students be required to wear face masks while attending in-person learning?

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is requiring all students in all grades to wear face masks while in school. Previously, his rule only included students in grades 3-12. Upon new findings by the American Academy of Pediatrics, that has changed and now ALL students will be required to wear face masks. All Troy staff will be required to wear face masks. 


Will students wear them all day?

Students will be required to wear them all day in common areas (hallways, for example). They will be required to wear them in classrooms when 6 feet of social distancing cannot be achieved. Because we have so many classrooms spread across nine different buildings, we cannot definitively say which classrooms will have room for social distancing.

We will do our best to make creative use of the space we do have (teaching outdoors, teaching in spare rooms, etc.) to give students a break from wearing a mask whenever we can.


Can my student get an exemption from wearing a mask?

If a licensed medical professional provides written documentation stating a student cannot wear a mask, that student will receive an exemption.


Are face shields a substitute for face masks?

Face shields are not a substitute for face masks. However, there are certain situations in which a student can wear a face shield. For example, if a student is in speech therapy and the teacher needs to see his or her lips moving, a face shield may be worn. At all other times, however, the student will be required to wear a face mask.

School bus drivers who wear eyeglasses will be allowed to wear a face shield to ensure their glasses do not fog up and they can drive safely. 


Will students be required to wear face masks at recess?

If students can achieve 6 feet of social distance while playing outside, they will not be required to wear a face mask while on recess. Recess will be an opportune time for a student to take a break from wearing a mask. 


Will face masks be provided?

If a student forgets to bring a face mask to school, they will be provided a temporary face mask. This should not be viewed as a permanent solution, however. Ultimately, we are asking parents to provide a face mask for their student to use on a regular basis.


What kind of face mask (traditional, neck gaiter, bandana, etc.) will be required?

A face mask that covers the mouth and nose will be acceptable. This includes both neck gaiters and bandanas. We do ask that students and families follow the spirit of the rule, however. For example, mesh masks or masks with areas cut out around the nose and/or mouth are not acceptable. Face masks with inappropriate imagery, wording, etc. will not be accepted. 


What if a student refuses to wear a face mask? 

We don't have a set of punishments, as it is never our goal to set out to discipline students. We certainly hope we can count on our parents to partner with us in not only talking with their students about the importance of wearing masks, but also helping the student get acclimated to wearing a mask before school starts. If it continues to be a problem, however, it would be handled the way any other discipline issue within a school or classroom is handled.


Will students be required to wear masks on buses, at sporting events or school events, etc?

All students will be required to wear masks on the school buses. If a student is attending an after-school event on school property, they will be required to wear a face mask. 


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